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The ancient art of acupuncture has been used to treat several different medical conditions over the years. While this unique treatment may look scary to some, it is actually very relaxing and can help reduce stress. Recent studies have even suggested that the treatment can be a great treatment for hypertension and other blood pressure issues.

Evidence Treatment Works

Acupuncture has been the subject of many different scientific tests over the years. Because the treatment only involves a few pins and needles, it is harmless and safe to test on animals. This has made it easier to study over the years, which is part of the reason why this treatment has so many modern uses.

When it comes to heart disease, needle treatments were first tested on cats. The treatment helped to increase oxygen in the heart, which can affect the heart rate and blood flow. This in turn affects blood pressure.

After studies on cats were concluded and shown to have positive results, human testing began. One recemt study performed involved 65 hypertensive patients that didn't take any blood pressure medications. The study used electroacupuncture to deliver treatments to the wrists and knees. 70-percent of participants saw improvement and reduced their blood pressure for about a month. This is strong evidence that treatment is working and has a very promising future.

Can This Treatment Truly Help?

While scientific studies are still being conducted, most of the evidence has been positive. There are several highly specific areas that affect blood flow and tiny needles are the perfect way to stimulate these sensors. People may not be giving up their high blood pressure medication yet, but needles can be used to help ease some hypertension symptoms.

As testing continues, people will find more solid evidence that acupuncture can help treat hypertension and other blood pressure conditions.